CRM ARJUN began as Associated Housing Promoters (Pvt) Ltd, which was incorporated in the year 1996.It was later christened as CRM Arjun Associated Housing Promoters (Pvt) Ltd in the year 2002 under the name and style of chairman and MD.Dr.C.R.Muthuswaami along with other industry veterans, technical and management professionals from the backbone of the enterprise.Highly motivated Mr.Muthuswaami is absolutely dedicated to this deep rooted philosophy and has won the undying trust & confidence of an ever growing community of customers in the field of land purchase/selling and construction.

For decades Coimbatore alias Kovai has remained the most sought after seat of business, salubrious climate, hospitality, learning, culture, South of India founded by glorious Tamil Kings.Coimbatore, the entrepreneur’s dream,remains a city where age-old customs serve,where family bonds are strong and where fusion of tradition and modernity remain the secret of the city’s success.This has attracted the large number of industrial houses and peoples from different locations of India as also NRI’s from across the world.It was in this historic setting that CRM Arjun Associated Housing promoters (P) Ltd was established.

Why you should choose us

To create ventures in real estate and infrastructure development that positively contribute to the socio-economic and environmental progress, while generating the best possible returns for CRM investors.
Five Years of Maintaining
Land Buying and Developing
DTP Approval of Sites
Leading the development of affordable real estate ventures of benefit to the people
Developing sustainable communities that are friendly and coherent to our environment
Promoting and developing strong partnerships between the public and private sectors
Transferring knowledge and offering an example of best practice

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